Raise The Red Lantern


Directed by : Zhang Yimou
Music by : Zhao Jiping
Cinematography : Zhao Fei
Editing by : Du Yuan

This time i love to share about this movie… This film is adopted from a novel of 1990’s wives and concubines. the film is set in 1920’s of china. The customs and the old traditions of china is the life of the film. The film is about the concubines and their way of living. Zhang yimuo has done a great job!

The red Lantern:
I want to mention about the red lantern i will do that later.


The whole film is laid in a strong locale of Qiao’s Compound. The location is very special and very beautiful. In which the life of concubines portrayed.
there are mainly

1.Four Rooms for four concubines and they are distinct.
2. The Dinning hall.
4.The Roof and the up stair’s locations.
5.The Mystery room in the upstairs.

They explore and treat all these locations in all three seasons of summer winter and autumn in a awesome way.
Here the roof of the compounds made a vital part of the movie which make a sense.


1. Red is the main theme color of the film.
2. Other than Red all the other colors in the film is muted.
3. Next to the Red, Black is dominant. white is the next to black.
4. The director used three seasons Summer,Autumn,winter to utilize the mood and the color of the seasons according to the script.
5. The color of the costumes were red black gray and white.


1. There is lot of solid frames which will not move, instead it create a great mood.
2. The director go for more long shots.
3. But Very less closeups.
4. He is going for an extreme long shot form a medium or full shot which gives feelings with out any descriptions.
5. There are very small truck in movements.
6. They chose distinct frames for all concubines houses which look alike.


Music is a vital part of story telling in this movie. Again its associated with the custom and culture. we can realize things through music…
1.when the foot massage is done.
2. When the Red lanterns are raised.
3. when the murder is happening.
4. The vocal sound of the Opera singer.
5. The flute music.
every music and sounds means to the script.


1. Mostly the lights are motivated and practical light sources.
2. The film deals only the soft lights rather than hard lights .
3. They light in the concubines room according to the season and they choose most of the compositions were same so they differentiate with the lighting pattern according to the mood of the script.
4.Cinematographer gone for quite number of day for night shots for the exterior shots of concubines house.
5. I am surprised that the Master (king) is not well established. Director doesn’t want to reveal him how he is?