Little Red Flowers

Directed by Zhang Yuan
Written by Ning Dai, Zhang Yuan, Wang Shuo (semi auto-biographical novel)

Music byCarlo Crivelli CinematographyYang Tao Editing byJacopo Quadri

This is a awesome movie.. which deals with a 4 year young kid!
And the movie is all set with a kinder garden and lot of children s..

We can feel the interesting things how little ones will think..

how they are growing..

how they learn things.

how they are figuring out things and people around them…

They are so spontaneous and sensitive.

Who love kids its a must watch film for them.
The end of the story is beautiful which has its won beautiful ending..
As a filmmaker shooting with kids is not a an easy task..
Each and every moments of the kids nature is beautifully portrayed.
Taking this subject and doing it is a big challenge rather than any other subjects,
so hats off to the Director Zhang Yua.