To Live / Huozhe – China (original title)


Directed by Zhang Yimou
Written by Yu Hua (novel), Lu Wei
Cinematography Lü Yue
Editing by Du Yuan
Music by Zhao Jiping

The story begins some time in the 1940s.
To live is a movie which has a very long travel in human transformations..
I love to say that the Director is very clever to use the same locations and same frame but in different periods with different meanings..
The director has a very great social responsibility… he use to tell us so many things through the main character..
The movie not only goes with the characters but also it interleaved with the society and the country.. We came to know of things in china like communism, war periods in china, about landlords of past chines and about the gambling!
The puppet show is a main tool used in this movie to describe so many happenings in the movie..