06-02-13 / Editing


Guys i would like to share some words, techniques or information on Editing.

I would like to share some thing which i found interesting while reading from Walter Murch stuffs.

1995  it was the last time number of films edited mechanically equal to the number of films edited Digitally.

We started editing English Patient mechanically but, we changed to Digital during production.

In general all films is made up of many different pieces of film joined together into a mosaic of images, expect In Hitchcock film (ROPE), a film composed only ten shots, each ten minutes long  invisibly joined together so that the impression of a complete lack of editing.

Walter Murch mentioned, There is  bias on expressing the word and

CUT : in USA which put emphasis on Separation

JOINED: in Australia and in GB which put emphasis on Bringing together.

-Walter Murch


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