Bal (Honey)

This Movie bal (2010 Turkish movie) is sweeter than the honey. I can to know some other way to approach or a way to lead a story in a much powerful manner. The very first shot of the movie is very lengthy nearly 3.40min long and the frame is Nailed.

I was fantasied many times by a Rock Solid Nailed Frames which force to keep a ton kilos of feelings on your head to pursue  it. But i found difficult towards the end of the film. When  i cane to know  the meaning of the last shot  and i realize why he sleeps in the forest under the tree.

The cinematography is brilliant in filming the Landscapes, Forest, People, Children in the school all of them were framed brilliant.

Sound of the movie: the Sound engineer has played a brilliant role. Most of the time you will be dissolved in to the shot by the minute ambiance sound which will tune you inside.

There are some beautiful shots we cant understand what the director wants to really convey us. The director beautifully partitioned the house and the working place of the boy’s father. He connects the locations in its beauty to support the script. To do a movie in this kind of shape, is like we have to be  driven from the heart not from the systematic paper work.

Director: Semih Kaplanoglu 

Writers: Semih Kaplanoglu, Orçun Köksal

 Awards: Golden Bear award, Best Director and Best Cinematography at the 23rd European Film Awards

 Turkey’s official candidate for the Best Foreign Film Oscar at the 83rd Academy Awards but it didn’t make the final shortlist.


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